Obama-Care No-Where No-Way

Obama-Care No-Where No-Way

Blood testing in a medical facility in Ethiopia.
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Wow ~ now this looks like a great – very, very, easy, plain & simple health plan for us all… Hardly any red tape or paperwork at all for all involved… Right???
And O-boy it must be great coverage and some fantastical great care for us all, because just look at the hundreds and thousands of government workers and institutions & medical people involved in this healthcare for us all. ~ well all us little people, don’t worry, I’m sure the President, Congress & Senate will still have their own Fantast Plans that are much better than ours, but hey after all they work so hard for us all, that they deserve better.
Just like how they all have such great retirement plans and do not have to live on or take Social Security like all we little people have to take. Boy it would be nice if all We little people could have it like these great ones in Washington do, but then again they are so much smarter, wiser and better than We all are so, well ~ hey we can dream can’t we???

Check out the Chart… And what do you think? Looks like another great plan for the Government to run? Think about it now, after all the Government does such a fantastic job with Social Security. It’s bankrupt but hey. Then theirs, Medicare & Medicaid, only billions of $$$’s of UN-funded liability to We the Tax Payers. Then theirs the Public School system, NO problems there right? It only costs We the Tax Payers $12,000.00 per year per child for this fantastic envy of the world Public Education system. Kinda funny the average private school is only about $6,000.00 to $7,000.00 per year per child and they come out so much better educated, way more go to college and on & on… Oh and then there’s the U.S. Postal service, only in debt like $40 billion, oop’s, well gee what can we say? After all I’m 51 and the Postal Service has never ever not been in debt so-oh-well – what’s a few Billion more of our tax $$$’s when Obama in just the last 6 months, has only so far spent as much of, We the Tax Payer’s money, as every other President from Washington thru Bush the 2nd combined??? So far it’s only 4 Trillion $$$’s of ours, our kids and their kids’ TAX MONEY…
AND ~ then there is the Crown Jewel of Government Excellence, & Love (loved by everyone in the government that is) the IRS. To think with only less than 200,000 employees, they manage to get just over 80% of the taxes due. But then we all know that drug dealers, prostitutes, other illegal businesses, tax cheats and of course High Ranking Democrats do not pay taxes, and so what, why should they anyway, they’re special. Besides the rest of We all, really know the IRS is really the most unfair way to generate money for the government, that THE FAIR TAX would be the best, fair way for every American to do it, but then the Politicians would not have this one tool they have, which is to divide the people into groups – for class envy and warfare. You know they have to pit Americans against Americans, make them hate each other over color, gender, orientation and any other thing they can use, so they can get some things for some that others can’t get. (You know for Vote Getting), But then again what’s ever been FAIR about Politicians, Washington and Political-Correctness? Well it’s not fair, so We All need to just get over it!!!

Gee how wonderful to think about these Wonderful, Sweet, Loving and Caring Washington Politicians taking over the entire HealthCare System of the United States ~~~ Stunning or Scary ~ You Decide!!!

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