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Mike Huckabee’s view on immigration


The value of human life

Mike Huckabee explains the fair tax


I Love Mike, he’s truly a geat Patriot and wants to do what’s good fot the USA… PLUS he’s for The Fair Tax… GO Mike GO…

I Used to be a Democrat

August 23I used to be a Democrat but when Ronald Reagan came in I became an Independent/Republican. I did not leave the Democrats they left me. The leaders of the Democrat party leaders have become sick and many of them down right evil. Obviously many others have fled that party along with me because they have a much harder time getting elected. In fact if the MSM MainSreamMedia were fair and honest in their reporting and just gave the facts in the news, most Democrats would never get elected anymore…

Here’s a proven fact. I know everyone else who works and have a family and am close to me income wise; know that this is a true statement. Even you Democrat followers can’t honestly deny it, because you get the tax cuts just as I do. The Democrat leaders keep saying that the tax cuts were only for the Millionaires & Billionaires…  Well I make less than 100k and more than $75k per year, I’m married with one kid. Since the tax cuts came into effect they’ve given me about $3,700.00 more back (key words given me back– of what I paid in) for me and my family. This is because of Bush getting rid of the marriage penalty and for my having kid

I would have to say that anyone else who is in my situation or below have gotten about the same or more if they have more kids than me. Unless they are in the bracket where they did not pay any taxes at all or even got more than they put in, due to the earned income credit. I’m sure you can say that I’m far from being a millionaire…

I am really tired of the Democrat leadership’s usual game of deception. They just keep repeating the same old tired lies over and over trying to get votes dishonestly and unethically from the poor. I’m also just sick of the Demo-crite’s being hypocrites. They are the true Racists and Bigots, who’s plan has always been to keep the minorities poor and impoverished, So that they can keep on promising to give them handouts, which they do, but never ever enough to get them out of the hole they purposely keep them in. You know I would love to see the facts on this, but I’m pretty positive that Republicans give much more to the poor than the bleeding heart, way too talkative Democrats do…

Yes the Democrat leaders are just despicable and vile with how they continuously keep dividing and pitting American against American with the disgusting old tactics of class warfare, class envy, race-baiting, you know the usual old crap that they pull out in every election. Every decent American, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Muslim, Male and Female, young or old, needs to get away from them just as fast as they can. It was definitely the right choice for me and will be for you too…

Do you really want to vote for people who are actually doing everything they can to make us lose the war in Iraq? Or do you really want to vote for people who think it is perfectly ok for a so-called Dr. to reach in a 7, 8 or even 9 month pregnant woman’s womb and pull a perfectly healthy 7, 8 or 9 month old innocent baby by the legs, all but the head and jab scissors into the base of it’s skull and then proceed to suck it’s brains out? It’s called Partial Birth Abortion, President Bush passed a ban on it but of course the Democrat leaders screamed bloody murder of that one, pardon the pun. 

I mean just how sick and evil can they be? Do you want their innocent blood on your hands?

Think about everything above and it’s just the tip of the ice burg as to the bad things that the huge majority of the Democratic leadership stands for, and by all means there are some pretty bad Republicans to, they are called R.I.N.O.’s Republican In Name Only (fakes) and they are just as bad. These people only care about their own political lives and don’t give a Rat’s you know what about WE the People or this country and they are slowly killing the U.S.A. RUN FROM THEM AND DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM FOR ALL OF OUR SAKES.

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french bulldog babies

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