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Chris Dodd and President Obama Got the alot of money from AIG





 Chris Dodd-THE Chairman of the US Banking Committee got more campaign money than anyone else from AIG, Oh and President Obama Got the 2nd most amount of money from AIG, hmmm…


Chris Dodd is Chairman to the BANKING COMMITTEE??? Plus got a great, fantastic, super, special SWEETHEART deal that saved him $thousand$ of $$’s from Country Wide Mortgage, and took contributions from banks, hmmm…

Now just the other day Chris Dodd lied, saying to camera he knew nothing about the bonus’ going to AIG and others. But now says YES he did, in fact HE was THE ONE who specifically wrote it into the $870 billion $$$Pork-Us bill$$$ (that BTW none of them even read, before passing), specifically that the AIG and other Exec’s would get the bonus’. Oh Yea now says that he was pressured into it by the Obama Admin, hmmm…

Is it not a little funny, (UBYAII) that these two, Dodd & Obama got the most money from AIG?  Did ya know that AIG is based in Dodd’s home state? Can anyone say “conflict of interest”, “lying, selfish, SELF serving- deceivers”…?


How about Mr. Timmy Geitner, he was all knowing and responsible for this too. He was supervising AIG since they were taken over by the 1st bailout, which means the Administration knew about it. Well what can we expect when we allow the President and Senate to put in a person to be head of the Treasury, one who didn’t even pay his own taxes, but gets the position regardless, hmmm. Or don’t forget, Charlie Rangel is the head of writing tax laws, but then is under investigations for not reporting income on his property and was not paying his taxes on it. He is claiming he was ignorant of the TAX LAW, but he writes Tax Law, hmmm. Just one several other things he’s being investigated for…


Here’s another little source of irritation. Why is it that President Obama says he so wants to do all he can to create and save jobs, but then his newly appointed Janet Napolitano Home land security Secretary just shut down ICE from raiding businesses that have illegal aliens working for them, hmmm. Did you know that there are a minimum of at least 7 million jobs in the U.S.A taken by Illegal Aliens???


President Obama can hardly get his cabinet positions filled, because so many of them either don’t pay their taxes or they have some other criminal or scandalous things in their public or personal lives, hmmm… Talk about culture of corruption!!! What happened President Obama on your transparency, not having lobbyists in your administration, or what about giving every American time to read and check out all bills before they are signed…?


How much more corruption in Washington can we stand? I don’t care if they are Democrats or Republicans. They are killing this country and the very 1st thing we have to do is throw them out of office NOW, every last one of them.  2nd every member of the Congress and Senate, the President and everyone in the cabinet, MUST be investigated and audited, just to make sure they’re not doing anything illegal and not cheating on their taxes. As we have seen, there are many that have not.  3rd all of the above MUST take a 25% pay cut and MUST be FORCED as we are to be on the same social security and pension system that we all are FORCED to be on. If they don’t like it, then they can finally fix it and make it a good thing that’s right for all of us…


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He lied about all of the radical people and groups that he has aligned himself with. It’s always, “Oh I hardly knew him or them” or “they were just an aquaintance”.